I love how the first thing that I get from the wife upon coming home is an ass chewing for absolutely nothing. This divorce can’t come fast enough.

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I won’t lie, I’m surprised that I survived these past three months. I’ve lost everything, but I’m trying to pick up the pieces and rise from the ashes.

I’m Drunk.

…I just thought that you should know that.

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Marriage defined.

Marriage defined.


I should really update this more than once a year, lol. I don’t have much time at the moment, but I’ll fill you in later tonight.

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Pardon the Interruption

I’m growing tired of some of the things that are being touted on this site. The few of you who actually read my posts on here may have noticed that I have been posting on here less and less, and that is for good reason. The entitlement and haughtiness of some people has made this once great site an inpalpable breeding ground of everything that I feel is wrong with the world. Let me go into details on a few of them.

First off, the women’s rights movement. While I am all for equal rights amongst everyone, I refuse to sit idly by while someone says that my gender is predetermined by birth to be rapists. Assumptions can cause many bad things. Didn’t you ever hear that assuming makes an ass out of you and me? It’s true. I wasn’t born with the desire to dominate anyone or to take whatever I want whenever I so desire. After being raped by both a man and a woman, I can tell you that the desire to rape is not determined by your genetic disposition, but by your moral code. Stop posting things talking about how every man is a rapist pig. We’re not, and to make that statement shows how ignorant you truly are.

And now…

The homosexual agenda. I will refer to my last point about wanting equal rights for everyone, but many posts have been vilifying heterosexuals and heterosexual relationships. Not everyone is gay, and not everyone has to be. That’s the beautiful thing about this world, the freedom of choice that everyone has. I’m no hate monger because I am straight, so don’t bombard me with how wrong I am.

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Images by Johan Kuno

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Hey guys!! 

This here is the basic scratch of the first song off of my new ablum (that’s something like an album, right?) that I hope to have wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

…if I’m lucky and not a lazy bastard, that is. Comments and critiques are always appreciated. Really, be as harsh as you can. 

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Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.
Claude Debussy (via musicwordscolourslights)

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He’s rockin' major hair on a minor scale. 


He’s rockin' major hair on a minor scale. 

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